Starting & Running a PWIPM Local Network

On February 10, 2022 leaders of successful PWIPM Local Networks joined together to share their advice. The discussion covered:

On this page:

  1. Express your interest in starting a local chapter
  2. Communicate with participating PCOs in your area
  3. Get a custom logo
  4. Run events
  5. Stay in touch with NPMA
  6. Network with other local leaders
  7. Fund your network

Express your interest in starting a local chapter

If your state isn't listed and you're interested in getting something started, e-mail We'll add your contact information to the list of local networks. Any female  in the pest control industry including supporting services and vendors qualifies to start a local chapter. Your company just has to be a member of the National Pest Management Association. The mission of the PWIPM is to support women in the pest management industry by promoting professional development, through educational programs, financial scholarships and peer networking.  We appreciate your involvement!

Don't be intimidated, a local networking event can be as simple as bringing a group of women together at a coffee shop. State network leaders get together via conference call quarterly to share success stories and swap ideas.

Communicate with participating PCOs in your area

Gauge the interest by sending an e-mail to your state association membership and those who have expressed interest in PWIPM in your area.

  1. E-mail your state association's executive director and ask them to help you spread the word. Associations don't give away membership lists, but may be willing to send a communication on your behalf via e-mail and in newsletters. Also reach out to industry vendors; other associations active in your area (lawn, mosquito, etc.); schools & universities with an entomology, biology, zoology, agriculture or related programs of interest; health departments with vector control; school districts' STEM programs, etc..
  2. The PWIPM staff liaison at NPMA will send your communication to those in your state who have expressed interest in PWIPM by selecting "Women in Pest Control" as a topic of interest on their NPMA profile.

PWIPM can be a gateway to bringing in new members to both our state and national associations, so we encourage you to work closely with your association and communicate the benefits of membership to non-members at your local network events.

Get a custom logo

Contact and get yourself a logo!  All local network logos incorporate the national PWIPM logo, with a regional notation. Use the logo on your promotions and anywhere you see fit!

Run events

When you have the event details ready, make sure you state association leaders and NPMA know. They can help you promote your event by e-mailing members, posting an event to facebook, and listing your event on the industry events calendar.

Here are some ideas for events:

Here's a bigger list of topics, speakers, and event themes that local networks have tried.

Got a new idea? Let us know!

Stay in touch with NPMA

To keep the network growing, we need to maintain a complete list of women who are interested. After your event, send your attendee info to Name, Company & E-mail address for each attendee.

Network with other local leaders

Use our local chapter listing to find and reach out to other chapter leaders. 

All state network leaders come together on a conference call on the 3rd Thursday every 3 months at 4pm Eastern (June, September, December, and March). E-mail to be included in the calendar invite. Even if you haven't held an event yet, you are welcome!

Fund your network

Local networks usually need funding for two things: 

Fundraising ideas is a common topic on the state network call. The most common sources are: